An Article and A Video to Get You Thinking Bigger

Look up the word “Compass,” and you’ll see one of the definitions is: “the range or scope of something.” Are you looking out over the next few months with big or small plans? What is the “range” of your thinking? What is the “scope” of your vision? An Article and A Video to Get You

So, “you are going to die…” Now what?

Steve Jobs on “Avoidance” Mr. Jobs once said, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know of to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.” It is in your best interest to do long-range thinking. The kind of thinking today that you will be living in a

Be Better Men…in just 4 weeks

Men who want to Be Better do this. (Better sons, friends, husbands, fathers, lovers…)

Mind Map your way to a New You

Mind Map your way to success

Have you ever used a Mind Map? “What if You Were at Your Best?” Productivity Advice from Jason Womack (via If you want to be more productive tomorrow, there is just one thing to do. Not 5 things, not 30 things. And, this one thing may surprise you. I’m not going to say “get

1 thing that is vital to your success as a leader

Over at Get Momentum, we believe that it is vital to your personal and professional success to be able to present your ideas proactively. No matter the occasion (and, the more aware of it I am, the more I realize that people “take the stage” all the time!), the ability to create a personal presentation

How much fat with that?

I am a “Breakfast Fan.” Sure, I could link to a few studies here in this post to prove the fact that breakfast is an important meal; but look, you either think it is…or you don’t. I realized I could have been more honest. Last Saturday, Jodi and I shared some air time on a

If hours could be bought…

If you could buy time, I’m talking 3-5 hours a week, I’ve got two questions for you: How much would you pay? How many would you purchase? I asked myself these questions in 1997. I was earning just under $28,000/year as a teacher in Ojai, California (at Nordhoff High School). I was working a “lot.”

Are you focused on growing as a leader?

Good morning. I am here thinking of the IMPORTANT topic of leadership while sipping on a latte in a small cafe in Quito, Ecuador. Since last Saturday night, I’ve met with emerging leaders in the emerging markets of Miami, Chile, and Peru. Today, I’m here in Quito (before heading off to the Galapagos tomorrow), leading a lunch-time

{Video} Strategy to Efficiency to Opportunity.

Last September I enjoyed more than 20 hours of conversation (give or take) with one of my most influential mentors, Kevin Wilde (look him up on, he wrote a book called, “Dancing With the Talent Stars”) as we hiked the Grand Canyone rim to rim… twice. Yup, we hiked from the North Rim to

Do You Know How to Prioritize Your Work?

When it’s time to work on the “big rocks” that Stephen Covey talked about, how do YOU prioritize?

4 Secrets Effective People Know About “Asking Powerful Questions.”