Imagine my surprise and the BIG smile when Mike Vardy (of the Work Awesome podcast) and I firmed up our online interview a while back.

Of course, he’d already had quite a few thought leaders on his show, so getting in line was a privilege and an honor…thanks again Mike!

Here is the link to the interview…please listen in, and let us know what you think!

Episode 18 of the Work Awesome podcast

Through the interview, we get to talk about some of my writing projects, from the side-project I worked on with my dad (our mentor Chris Guillebeau talks a LOT about side-projects).

When I think about the idea of “working awesome,” I think about the process of engagement and what it takes to be our best. I’d like to share the significance of one of those first things we can do that gets us moving “toward” awesome work:

Show Up.

More than physically, not just mentally, arrive out there.

  • Sign up for a conference.
  • Go to a networking event.
  • Start a conversation with that person sitting next to you.

Hope you’ll share your story of working awesome!