Want to be different, more productive and more (by your definition) successful?

Watch your associations. The people you spend time with, they’ll jack you up and push you further…

…or they won’t. Your life will change if you improve* your network.

Want to grow more this year? Here are three ideas…

1. Work in a place you won’t be interrupted for 30 minutes.

Reserve a conference room, or find a quiet(er) corner of a cafe. Go there with a pen and a journal to think deeply about a big, long-term project. You’ll get more quality work done in a shorter amount of time if you protect yourself from interruptions by (1) other people, (2) your own workspace and (3) your technology.

There are two reasons to do this:

(A) you just may be interrupted fewer times during that work session, and
(B) you just might interrupt those you work around a bit less!

One of the most significant impediments to getting things done during the day is the constant “task-switching” people have to do going from one interruption to the next.

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*Improve: make or become better; develop or increase in mental capacity by education or experience.