Do you have #momentum or are you waiting to get #motivated?

In my opinion #Momentum > #Motivation … every time.

Momentum means I’m moving, I’m progressing, I’m leaving where I was… Moving toward where I plan to be.

Motivation – or lack thereof – means that I’m stuck, waiting (or is it “hoping”) that something happens to kick my ass in to gear, and make me want to do something. Re-read those last 6 words…

…make me want to do something.

Does that ever really work out? I mean really?

Growing up, I had a step-dad who reminded me – for oh, about 7 years as far as I can remember – that I was #lazy. He made a point to make that comment no matter what job or chore I did around the house or at the restaurant he owned.

I can remember him “quizzing me” on my times tables when I was around 10 years old; he kept a metal spatula within reach and used it when I missed a problem such as 8 x 7 = ??? … it was bad.

No wonder I became the quiet kid who sat in the back of the classroom (the last name of Womack made that even easier) always waiting until the last minute to have to engage in something. I didn’t have Momentum. That is, I needed to be “motivated.” The environment I grew up in rewarded me waiting until someone made “me want to do something.”

Then, things started changing about 5 years later.

I had just turned 15 years old. Without having words to describe what I was going through, I discovered the difference between (A) having to be #motivated and (B) having #Momentum. It was powerful, and fueled my effort, work and results for two decades.

20 years later, I took everything to another level.

I’d decided – with the support and guidance from my wife @JodiWomack, and the cheerleading from my parents, friends and blog readers worldwide – to start my own approach to “the Productivity Puzzle.” I was getting momentum on my own life-purpose.

Once upon a time, “being productive” was something you did because someone else expected or even demanded it.  To many of your colleagues, the word “productivity” is seen as a negative trait that only “weird” people pursue. Yes or no, it doesn’t matter. To many people, the P-word means “anti-work-life balance”; instead of working some 45-50 hours a week, the undercurrent to “increasing productivity” almost says we can only increase our output by working 60 hours a week; often, including a weekend day or two!

Today, it’s different. The only reason you’d every want to be any #Better than you are right now is so that you can do MORE of the things you’d like to do … #Better. This idea of “engagement” is what we mean when we say “Get Momentum. When people are encouraged to do their best work, and empowered to make decisions that move the entire mission froward, they feel engaged – and productive – to an entirely new level.

“Those who perform love what they’re doing.” – Peter Drucker

Would you like to know what the world’s best leaders know about being productive, empowering others, and achieving a 2015 version of “Being Productive?”

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