The network of most successful people we know – the ones who GET MOMENTUM – are the ones who have adopted a proper, positive and directed mindset focused on results. No, not “positive thinkers…” these are people who identify, prioritize and then action-item their goals in to “Most Important Things.” As you read and write and watch and talk and listen this year, ensure that you’re set up for a Most Productive Experience – your MPE. As you expand your network to include people who are different than you, who teach you, and who push you, remember to come back to the “Why?” of it all. What do you do what you do?

How Do You Make More of the Right Things Happen?

Today, you can sit in on a special 15-minute “Town Hall” meeting, anywhere in the world! (Click here to watch…) The entire, global network of GET MOMENTUM members is invited to invite their friends, coworkers, mentors and family members to this very special webinar.

Ready? Set. GO!

What do the two words High – Performance mean to you? When it’s time to Get the Right Things Done (thanks to a teacher of mine, Peter Drucker for framing the “ultimate” definition of productivity), are you set up to succeed?

Every month, GET MOMENTUM members from around the world study one particular facet of Workplace Performance and Personal Productivity. I’m very excited to see you all, and am looking forward to sharing this one idea with you today.

A 3-Part Process to Achieving More (at work AND in life)

  1. Clearly state a specific goal you’d like to achieve in 8-12 months.
  2. List a minimum of 7 people who could help you get there.
  3. For each person, list a MINIMUM of 7 things to ask them about

I thought I’d get you the ONE tactic that more and more GET MOMENTUM members are using to achieve more at work AND in their life.

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How Do YOU Make More of the Right Things Happen?
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