How Easy Are You Making It to Succeed?

I’ve been writing for Entrepreneur Magazine for a couple of years now. I have been a subscriber to the magazine ever since Jodi and I started our companies back in 2006. Reading this magazine makes it much easier to succeed, in work and life… For a limited time (like, until 15 people tell me they’ve done it) I’m going to pay for you to subscribe* to a 12-month subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine.

What’s the catch?

“But REALLY, Why Are You Doing This, Jason?”

As a former high school teacher I know you sometimes wonder how school is connected to life. Subscribe to this magazine, and you’ll start to see connections unfold in a brand new way.

*Offer expires as soon as all 15 subscriptions are ordered OR Friday, 11 January 2014. Whichever comes first…

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