It all started one day, when Michal (from Central Europe) emailed me:

Dear Jason, I would also share with You one book, that I’ve recently read. It’s Accidental Creative” by Todd Henry. I don’t know, if you have read it. If You haven’t, I guarantee You, that this book is really worth it. I’ve found Your and Todd’s book very complementing each other. I’ve mailed to Todd Henry about Your book, and Todd have told me, that He hasn’t been aware of existence of Your book.

I’ve been surprised, that two authors simultaneously wrote such synergistic books while they didn’t know each other.

So, if You haven’t know that book, please consider to read it. This book is Really worth every money.

Well, here I am to share that I did read it, and it really IS worth every penny. Click HERE to read my, 5-star, review!

Here are three of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Anyone can improve his ability to generate good ideas consistently if willing to be a little more purposeful in how to approach the creative process.”

Repeated actions.

Years ago, it was when I was being mentored by David Allen (*originator of Getting Things Done) I put myself through a self-learning course called, The Artist’s Way. The book by Julia Cameron taught me the value of writing my “morning pages.” For 12 weeks, 7 days a week, every morning, I hand-wrote 3 pages of thoughts, ideas, sentences, lists, whatever I could do to fill those pages.

In his book, Todd writes: “Total freedom is false freedom. True freedom has healthy boundaries.”

It was simply fantastic having a daily goal with clear boundaries (more on this later in this review) of how to engage purposefully. If you’re ready for another level of creativity, get Julia’s book and go through this process yourself: The Morning Pages

“…if you’re responsible for solving problems, developing strategies or otherwise straining your brain for new ideas, I’m going to call you a creative…”

Look, this one line isn’t for everyone; but, for those of us who HAVE attached ourselves to a problem, this line is fantastic. Perhaps the most important aspect here is to recognize/realize/redefine the world “PROBLEM” as a way to identify, define, experiment with and assess the areas of focus we attach ourselves to. I’ve attached myself to sharing the importance of brainstorming, mindmapping or writing your own Ideal Days. My wife Jodi is attached to helping women in business build their professional networks. What are YOU looking to solve?

“The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” Orson Welles

Talk about a mind-bender, this one is amazing! If you stop and read that line one more time, it’s apparent that boundaries ARE freeing. I know, I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but without a schedule, without a flag to march toward, without a difference to make, all the information that comes our way does so “willy-nilly.” Just for a week, try this out:

Get up, and for the first 15 minutes of your morning make a LONG list of the kind of information you’ve seen, you hope to see, and you plan to see that’s going to get you closer to one goal – in your personal OR professional life. (I did this while on a vacation in Colorado, it was simply amazing as each day my lists got longer and longer. Oh, and at the END of several days, I realized that information WAS coming in from different sources! Totally cool…)

Well, Mr. Todd Henry, you have given us all something to think about. Being “creative” I now know is no accident. But we’ve got to program our minds, our routines and our opportunities to be ready – always be ready – for that creativity to show up.