Thanks … for the opportunities to share. This week, I have been invited to three webinars AND have scheduled eleven 1:1 conversations with clients in the professional development coaching program.

A theme over the past several days – ok, for me, over the past 2 decades! – has been:


Now that a couple of weeks have gone by (are YOU making things BETTER in 2013?), seems like people are looking around and realizing, “The time is going by!” So, to be the most we can be, we’re thinking up ways to get you ONLY the information you can use. Yesterday’s Google Hangout (recorded and stored on the joinTBF YouTube channel) was dedicated to high school and college-age students thinking of starting businesses.

Any advice/ideas I gave came through the filter of:
+ Having taught high school for 5 years
+ Having taught the GTD seminars globally for 6 years
+ Having started a second company with my wife
+ Having built a coaching practice, working with clients world-wide
+ Having published a book on professional development and performance

So, let me end this post in a way that can begin a conversation. In the comment area below, what would you say productivity is NOT?