Falling down will happen; it’s inevitable.

But then you get back up.  What’s your mindset?  Hopefully it’s looking forward to the next journey, the next step, the next adventure.  That’s what this blog is about; what does the starting point look like and what do you do.

Carrot top

There are two phenomena to look at; start smaller, faster and finish more, often.  People who are starting a new project, event, and habit often visualize a beginning, middle and the success they will realize at the end once their new plan is accomplished.  But there is an easier way to get back up.

Start smaller, faster.  In other words choose smaller events that need to be changed and start right now.  Not next Tuesday, or two days from now, but right after you read this blog.  Choose to change something that moves you forward toward the end of the plan.  So again when you start, start smaller, faster.  Starting smaller allows you to start faster.The second phenomenon I mentioned in starting or getting back up from falling down is finish more, often.  The comma in that phrase is place purposely.  Finish more and do it more often.  These two ideas; start smaller, faster and finish more, often work together.

So, look around you, at your friends, your co-workers, your family, your hobby group, and ask yourself what you can do right now to change what needs to be changed to move forward. Break it all down.   Look at the length of time it will take you to finish the plan you’ve made to get back up.  Say its seven months out there.  Start a list of what you’re going to do once a month.  The 16 things you’re going to do each week. Break it down to small manageable bits so you can start smaller, faster.

Break down finishing more, often the same way.   All of those things you’ve started; finish more of them.  Make it a point to list the things you will finish this week, today or when you finish this blog!
There is much more available on this topic if you’d like to know more see ‘You’re Best Just Got Better. Falling done will happen, getting back up on how you do it is an opportunity for success.