Recently, a client who had been going through the Microsoft® Outlook® dashboard (link right here: information called me on my mobile to ask about managing “categories, lists and to-dos.” [His words!] a direction

Of course, you know me and I immediately leave the traditional approach behind – how many lists, what kinds of lists, how “big” or “small” things you write should be, etc. – and I jumped to the end. I said, “We’ve got to reverse engineer your tracking and reminding system.”

So, I asked him, “What do you do?” Meaning, what are the VERBS of his work day? When I share this in Mastering Workplace Performance seminars (next public one is in Berkeley this month), I always show mine. Here they are:

review      (read, look over, edit, watch, …)
email       (send someone a written email)
draft        (write, brainstorm, create, mindmap, …)
call          (on the phone)
present   (lead a seminar, deliver a speech, …)
buy          (purchase, …)
send        (a book, a card, …)

Really, that’s it. I mean if you take out things like “eat” and “drive” – which really aren’t my “work,” we’re left with those 7 things. Now that I know THAT about myself, I need to use the tools/technology/mindset I have to line myself up to get the important work done.

Go ahead, write YOUR list of what you actually do. Then, take our your calendar, your email inbox, your to-do lists and your Sticky Notes and create a reminding/tracking system based on what you NEED to get done this week!

In the comment area below, share YOUR verbs…