Get a little (more) rest

Surely you’ve had this happen – recently: You’re about to end a day, maybe even a weekend day, and realize you “didn’t get enough done.” There’s a project you wanted to think about, a book you wanted to read, a conversation you hoped to have…something.

So, what do you do? Stay up a little (or, even get up out of bed after going to sleep?) or get up a little earlier. Maybe you have a “minimum-number” of hours you’ve been getting of sleep lately, what’s yours? (Look around at the people who are constantly getting 4, 5, or 6 hours a night. My question to you: “What would happen if you added an extra hour to your light’s-out time?)

Back in 2009, a friend introduced me to My ZEO. A headband I wear (occasionally) when I sleep to give me a little data; with a little bit of information, I’ve found myself making different choices. Probably one of the most SIGNIFICANT pieces of information I’ve found is that there are two variables I have to watch:
QUANTITY of sleep
QUALITY of sleep


There have been times when the quality has been high, while the hours are low; and, the opposite has happened as well! So, think to yourself this week: “How can I get a little more…rest?”

Of course, leave your best idea in the comment area below!