When are you at your best?

I wonder how many people can answer that question with authority.

Have you stopped to consider it for yourself?

Have you taken time to evaluate the things you need to do, the ways you need to be, and the things you need to bring into your life to ensure you are functioning at your best?

For example, I know that I am at my best when:

  • I eat breakfast
  • I prepare for meetings a day or two ahead of time
  • I am able to finish something every day

If you look closely at my list you will see all of these factors are 100 percent within my control. This ensures that with a little bit of effort on my part, I can function at my best.

Identifying when you are at your best is something I strongly encourage you to do. Though it requires a little bit of work, I have found the benefits to be priceless.

Take time to observe when you feel most productive and alert. Then, once you recognize what factors lead to those feelings, write them down. That list will serve as a reminder as you move forward.

Having an easily accessible list to refer to consistently will help you to be more productive, effective, and efficient. That list, when used properly, can keep you accountable.

Perhaps you could post your list on your mirror at home. Maybe it belongs on your desk to review each morning when you sit down to work. I even had a client take a photo of her “I’m at my best when…” list and use it as her desktop screen!

Once you have asked and answered the question, “What do I need to do to be at my best?” you are on your way to improving your daily productivity. With dedication, focus, and consistency you can function at your best regularly.

When are you at your best?
Where can you keep your list so that it is a daily reminder of how you can function at your best?

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