Walking away from a session as short as that was, you have an opportunity to explore your time and professional management habits and routines.

Of course, we had just 45 minutes to explore three very significant aspects to productivity:

  1. Psychology: How I think and plan, create my goals and hold myself accountable
  2. Sociology: How the invisible affects the visible, how we work together in cooperation or coopetition
  3. Technology: How the tools/gear/systems/technology works with us, to help us get things done effectively

More of my coaching and advising these days surrounds the fact that we don’t manage “time,” instead, we manage the four things that TAKE our time:

Energy: through the day, we have natural cycles (circadian rythms) of attention, energy and productivity
Tools: the gear we buy or our companies provide for us
Ecosystems: the environment in which we work
Focus: our own ability to hold on to a plan of action, and idea or an intention for the day

I gave a couple of examples, and will invite you to spend a bit of time with these videos on Vimeo and these on YouTube. If you have any questions or comments, do leave them in the space below!
Oh, and before you leave: Do check out ReQall.com … it’s pretty useful! (One of the features I use is the “voice-to-text” transcription service.)