Are you an influential leader? What causes a person to think of herself or himself as a “leader?” It’s a question I got to ask Frances Hesselbein. Look out at the community you live and work in and identify those brave enough to stand up and say, “I am a leader.” This month, Get Momentum

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You know those days that go “Productively Weird?” A meeting you’ve looked forward to gets cancelled. You feel stressed out and stuck. You don’t have the motivation you know you need. When you’re out of it, do you know how to get back? How Do You Know If It Matters? It’s important to stay balanced

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Jason's Podcast

After my niece and nephew visited a while back, I noticed there was a nice little note off to the lower, left-hand corner of the white board in my office. Every time I look at it, I get this feeling of gratitude. It makes me smile, and I also start to think about where my world can use the kind of presence and honesty that I see when I read her little note to us.

As you’re listening to this episode, bring to mind some of the people you’re connected to. Think about the folks you have worked with, people in your family, the community members that you come in to contact with as you go about your day-to-day life. Then, think about the ones you haven’t seen in a while and ask yourself, “Do I miss them?”

I’ll leave it to you to identify what you could do about that (if anything), but I will share with you a personal philosophy of mine:

We live in an acknowledgment-deprived society. There, I said it. I believe that if we could spend even a “little” bit of time each day where we pause and look back on the people who have helped us, the situations we’ve found ourselves in, the ideas for improvement that we see when we look out at the world…

if we did that, we just might find a place where we could place a feeling of gratitude. What if you expressed that, out loud, to the people you have connected with along the way, who you have not seen in a while? Think about how it might affect them if you paused long enough to let them know – in a genuine, giving, heartfelt way – how special they are.


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Your Best Just Got Better - Check out the book on Amazon (I make you a deal about the book in the episode!)
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This is your captain

You could be a little further along than you are right now. Consider the facts – you’ve worked, and you’ve worked and you still aren’t where you want to be. Yes, of course, a lot of what you have is good. You’ve got a job, friends and family. But, there are some bigger things you’ve

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Jason's Podcast

One of our upcoming “Momentum Themes” over at is going to be Innovation.

It’s one of those topics that is taking over the medium to large-sized organizations I am working with these days. They are looking to be more creative with the products they offer, the services they provide, the training programs they schedule… just about everything is being touched by needing to be more imaginative and innovative.

In this episode, I want to share a couple of things I’ve learned about the creative process. You’ll notice as you’re listening that I DID record this podcast episode a bit ahead of time. You see, every now and again, being innovative means that you look forward and anticipate what’s coming, and get ready to experience that fully.

You are creating every day. You’re bringing to mind the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even if you think you’re NOT creative, you had to create…to think that. Really, when you look around and see, hear and feel what you experience. When you’re in a social situation, come to present. Really be “there,” right where you are, and notice what you can. You might look someone directly in the eye for an extra 10 seconds while you talk to them (easy to make eye contact when you’re LISTENING, harder when you’re talking; try it out), you might ignore a side conversation while you’re listening to the person in front of you, or you might resist the urge to jump in to a conversation and cut someone off.

Whatever it is, you can practice being present and you’ll start to think of things that you may not have thought of before.

So…I’d like to invite you to one of my FAVORITE “how-to-be-more-creative” activities of all time. In less than 3 minutes you can practice being creative. Oh, and you just might earn $5,000 within a few months. Ready?

Jason's Podcast

How much time do you NEED?

Now, the real question I have for you: Is it even possible to get it? You’ve made choices, you’ve designed a life, you’ve attracted the kinds of things that you’ve got that “take” time. Recently, I was talking with a mom of a toddler (is that what you’d call a 2-year-old?) and she said, “I’m really looking forward to having a little more time in my day once he’s in school.”

Look, I’m not a dad, but I’ve been around enough families to know: There isn’t more time later. You have 7 days in a week. You’ve got 1,400 minutes in a day. If you waste just 15 minutes, you’ve lost 1% of your day. You know how easy it is to lose 15 minutes?

Go check Social Media for a while.
Wait for someone who’s running late.
Type with two fingers.

In this week’s podcast, you’ll identify ways that you can GAIN 1% – 2% of your time each day. But, you want to know a secret? Saving time is the easy part; knowing what to DO with that time…That’s an entirely new conversation. There really are a few things you can do, NOT to save time, but to know what to backfill that saved time with!

So, instead of blaming time, let’s look at what you can do to work a little bit smarter. In the ‘cast, you’ll get my one favorite tip to best figure out how to get a little more time starting tomorrow!

Ojai Trails

When you start the day, there are better AND/OR worse ways to begin. Check your rituals, they’ll clue you in to your productivity.

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There are at least 7 (seven) reasons you’ll want to read this book: You feel overwhelmed with your workload and behind on your projects. You know it’s time to climb out of the pile of backlogged work. You know you could really “move the mission foward” if you would just focus more on the Most

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Coaching mentor

Yes, there’s another “Mentoring” Town Hall webinar scheduled, and if you have  not yet registered, I invite you to sign up now. (Seating is limited!) —>  Click here to register   <— Well, the first month of the new year is just about over. How are things looking for the next 11 months? Have you

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Jason's Podcast


You’ve probably seen or read the title of my book, Your Best Just Got Better and what I find is that the best leaders are changing things by asking, “How could this be better?”

This month over at Get Momentum, we’ve been learning about productivity through technology.

Most people slog through their partly working systems, they put up with slow and inconsistent ways of doing things. In these cases, we need to look at the situation and figure out what’s going on. Consider your organizational system and where it’s supporting you.

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4 Secrets Effective People Know About “Asking Powerful Questions.”

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