Focus on the right things…That is what makes the difference that is worth making. Here is how to be more productive.

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Jason's Podcast

If you’re on a path to make your best even a little bit better, there are many things you could do…differently.

In this week’s podcast, you’ll hear THREE things I learned to do more of while staying at the Four Seasons in Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Indonesia.

#1. Anticipate needs.

Whether you are thinking of your company, your community, or your family…Think about what the people around you need, and see if there is something you can do to provide that to them/for them before they ask for it.

#2. Leave things clean(er) than you found them.

When you leave a room, clean one thing, put one thing away, tidy up one thing there. Then, check to see how you feel.

#3. Celebrate the ordinary.

Look, it’s easy to think that things are tough, that life is busy, and there’s never “enough.” What is more difficult – and more worthwhile – is to look for how the everyday is amazing and special.

To read more about our visit to Bali, please click here…

Bali Sunrise

“Welcome to Bali,” she said as I bowed my head and received a lei made of plumeria flowers as we checked in that Four Seasons resort. And with that, last Monday, began a week of experiential learning on this amazingly beautiful and indescribably complex island. This trip had been “on the books” since last summer.

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Jason's Podcast

Greetings from Bali, Indonesia. This week’s podcast is an especially near and dear one to our hearts; for, without what you’ll learn about in this podcast, I do not think we would be where we are: personally or professionally.

The point of this cast is to get you thinking about the people you’re spending the most time with. The family members, the co workers, the community members, the friends; each and every person who influences you in some way or another. Sometimes positively and sometimes in negative ways. If you’d like to run a check to see how well you’re doing, just take a look at the last week.

Who did you talk to that pushed you forward? Who did you talk to that drug you backward. Who did you talk to that gave you energy? You get it…These are the kinds of questions to ask yourself so that you can begin shifting – in ever so subtle ways – who you spend time with and what you will get from that time.

I hope you’ll listen to this podcast, and give yourself the gift of your own attention. You’ll be better off 60 months from now if you start to work on the process I outline for you here.

“So, what do you do?” “Well, where are you from?” Tell me you’ve heard those questions before. Maybe you were at a convention, a networking event, or you simply out and about going through life. When you heard that question, or one like it, how did you feel? Did the person asking you that question

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Jason's Podcast

My father in law is consistent in reminding me that “we have our health.” And, if you listened to podcast number 145, I talked about someone in my family whose health is compromised right now; as I record this, his life is still on the line. My ask of each and every one of you is this:

Please take your health seriously. Be safe out there. Do things you know you should be doing, and learn things you could be learning. You’ve got this life to live, and we need you around, healthy and happy for a long, long time.

To start and then continue this process of being more and more healthy, there are a couple of things I’m going to ask you to consider:

1. Get a check up
2. Drink a little more water today than you did yesterday
3. For the next 5 days, pick a time of the day when you can leave in the MIDDLE of the day and go for a 15 minute walk. 7 and a half minutes out, and 7 and a half minutes back.

I learned about the focus on health and wellness by reading a lot of the history and biography of the martial artist Bruce Lee. One of his areas of focus was to focus on training so that you can spring back strong, and adapt harmoniously without striving hard…Or resisting. In this podcast I’ll share three things you can do to be more healthy tomorrow. Ready?

You need to have numbers.

You need to know what you’re comparing yourself to. I don’t want you to “WONDER” if you’re in or out of shape. Instead, I encourage you to start collecting information that has value. Information that tells you something. Information you can use to compare yourself through time. What can you measure? Here are just a couple of things:

Body Weight
Percent of Body fat
Glasses of water you drink every day
Desserts you eat throughout the week
Minutes of exercise you engage in weekly
…and, I’m sure there is more, but that’s not the point.

Let me reiterate: The point of this is not to become some kind of a “number-crunching-health-fanatic.” No, the purpose of this is to give you something to respond to; having numbers out there may just give you the push or encouragement you need to start gaining momentum on these kinds of goals. Years ago while I was reading a book about Chinese Gung Fu, I wrote this statement in the margin (I’m reading from that page right now): “Not a response IS a response.”

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(Enjoy this guest post contributed by Justin Esgar , a friend of mine who contributed this article to get you thinking about how to make things better…) From my experiences, two main issues always arise when I discuss the idea of Appitalize with people. Either they say, “I don’t have the time” or “I can’t

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thinking and planning

Are you lucky? Well, during March of 2014, the GetMomentum community looked at the concept of “chance” as it relates to … well, everything. Life, work, health, goals, yes, just about everything. But, when you’re thinking about how to look forward and making things better, you’ll have to do certain things: Learn Envision Strategize I

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Jason's Podcast

I am not totally sure, but I think it’s possible that some people you know may have made it through this entire day without having someone say thank you to them. Maybe, as you’ve been going through your day you have passed up an opportunity to look someone in the eye, pause take a deep breath in, and let them know how grateful you are. I know, I know, you are busy. As we all are.

There is a very simple way you can not only find, but make, time to say thank you to the people who most deserve it. Now, I wonder if you are already thinking, “Jason, people here think you all the time. I see how people are living in a very acknowledgment rich culture.”

What I am here to say, east on many years of experiential research, is when I acknowledge someone from a point of human connection, there is something different that happens to and with our relationship. In this week’s podcast I outline one activity you can do immediately to test your level of gratitude. How do you score out of 100 points on the chart of gratitude?

At the end of the podcast I give you a very specific, step by step way of writing a hand written thank you card. I have been writing handwritten thank you cards almost every day for more than a decade. In fact, as I’m writing this post this week, on my desk are four addressed thank you cards simply waiting for the five or seven minutes it will take to write each one.

Now, in the middle of this podcast I share a personal story of something that my family is enduring right now. As you listen, I encourage you to also take a moment, bring someone you love to mind, and let yourself feel that connection you have two them. Wherever you are, and whatever you are about to do next, as always I wish you the very best.

Jason's Podcast

When it comes time to follow your dreams, to achieve your goals, to reach your potential, what is the tactic you use to get there?

A few years ago, I committed to connecting “seemingly” disconnected things in new (and hopefully useful) ways. One of the ways I do this is by asking people questions. Sometimes serious, sometimes light, ALWAYS interesting to me…the purpose of the questions I ask is to bring the person I’m talking to back to the present.

Sure, sometimes the questions go back in the past; but, the purpose of asking them is to set the stage for a conversation that is wrapped around what is CURRENTLY going on. For example, many years ago I started asking parents, “Why did you have children?” Well, I’ve heard a few answers (there really aren’t that many unique ones) and it often leads to a larger discussion of all kinds of topics.

But you know what? There is ONE answer I’ve NEVER heard parents give. And, the interesting thing is that for SOME parents, it’s the most important thing – and most time-consuming thing – they worry about right now for their children…If you’re interested in that email me, we’ll talk!

In this week’s podcast, I actually tell you how you can get lost and then BE FOUND. Sure, it’s going to take a little work (and, about an hour or so) but I promise it’s worth it. Oh, and listen all the way to the end of the ‘cast…I make a great offer for you there!

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